BrandCore® - The Smooth Strategy Start

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From Why to Buy: Get your Archetype, Golden Circle, Vision, and Mission to boost engagement and sales. Ideal for brand builders and owners. Based on 130+ proven strategies, and a dash of unicorn dust.

Boost your strategy and save time with this temporary free tool. If you're a brand builder or owner, this one's for you.↓

For many, strategy is overwhelming, with endless work hours and headaches. So, why not flip that into a breeze? Introducing my first 100% AI-powered brand tool, made to spark and speed up your process. It's easy, fast, and effective, putting you in control. And I've decided to release it for free—for now.

I've deeply tested it for months, alongside my inner circle of senior strategists. We all love it, and I'm excited for you to try it out.

What it does:
- Defines your Archetype to stand out with.
- Crafts your Why, How, What—great for sales and taglines.
- Writes your Vision and Mission copy to attract like a magnet.
- Uses proven, popular frameworks for reliability.
- Inspired by 32+ successful and diverse use cases.
- Protects: chats are private under OpenAI’s protocols.
- Interacts with you – adjust to your liking.

What it needs:
- A GPT-4 Plus account.
- A professional human eye; treat it as a tool.
- Great input for great output. Be detailed, re-run if necessary.
- Awareness: A full strategy requires more; feel free to contact me.

For whom it is:
- Strategists, marketers, creatives, and designers
- Brand owners and Entrepreneurs

What people are saying:

👉 Try it out. It's really fast, and easier than explaining TikTok to your parents. This early beta is free for now, and will later disappear once it hits the AI store.

Disclaimer: OpenAI updates might temporarily impact performance. For inquiries, reach out to OpenAI.

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Download the clickable pdf to acces your temporaly private BrandCore® online, until it hits the AI store!

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BrandCore® - The Smooth Strategy Start

30 ratings
I want this!